What we do

Errone is a collaboration between senior organizational advisers and active pilots. We are passionate about advising and guiding professionals and their leaders in the best execution of their work. We believe in a participatory approach that empowers professionals to tackle problems themselves.


Clients have multiple reasons to engage us. Incidents, tensions, conflicts, and the feeling that the work is not being done well are examples. These are risks that they want to get under control. What is exactly going on is often difficult to describe. They feel that there is a problem with culture, communication, quality, or something else that hinders good work. Multiple things are related, but it is unclear what the core is and where to start.

What we do

We provide ways of looking at your questions and think about the problem behind the problem. A good diagnosis is half the work. In complex situations, there is rarely one cause, but rather a network of causes. You will get insight into the cause-effect tangle and the buttons you can turn to gain control and implement improvements. In addition, we offer a simulation inspired by the flight simulator to start with desired behavior in a relaxed way.

Change vision

In organizations with professionals, it is often advisable to make a diagnosis with them and not only with management and advisers. What people come up with themselves, they will carry out sooner, and this way the diagnostic phase becomes the beginning of the change process. We have methods for working with all relevant stakeholders, and the professional term for this is Whole Scale Change. This proven approach usually leads to a sound and more supported change process.

Our approach

We know that it is important to take advantage of momentum. At Errone you can count on a quick start. In a personal intake interview, we make a first analysis of your problem and formulate concrete steps. Sometimes a small intervention is enough to get things moving. Sometimes it is useful to take more time to develop a broader approach together. Errone works on the basis of clear agreements, including clear offers for each phase and a readily accessible contact person.

Examples of activities 2016-2022

Cause analysis of quality

Quality is a container concept and it is difficult to define what you mean by it. However, this is a prerequisite for a continuous improvement process. Aviation provides handles for this and we have helped an accounting firm with this. What makes an accountant confidently approve the annual report? Many factors in the team, with the customer and in the own organization play a role. This is usually not clear because people often have different...

External assessment board

How do board members and partners of an accounting firm promote the quality of statutory audits? How do they ensure a quality and learning culture? One of the measures in "In the Public Interest", the improvement plan for accounting, is a periodic evaluation of their performance in this regard. With GovernanceSupport, we developed an assessment method that has been successfully tested at a Top 30 firm.

Unblocking stuck professional groups

Medical professional groups can get stuck in group dynamics that threaten the quality of work. Often, a lot has changed due to a merger or changes in organizational form, treatment, and team composition. In several hospitals, we have assisted professional groups in making the intergroup dynamics consciously manageable so that the focus can be shifted back to the work itself. The focus was also shifted from symptoms to causes to make a responsible start with change.

General periodic collaboration inspection

Good collaboration in a dynamic field of work requires permanent maintenance. As systems thinkers, we know that individual functioning is strongly related to group functioning. Professional groups that are able to reflect on the dynamics in their own group learn to recognize and prevent collisions at an early stage. These skills are "adult skills" that prevent time-consuming and energy-consuming escalations and contribute to more enjoyment in work. In group sessions, we provide strong substantive input and a safe climate. After completion, we provide targeted advice on feasible improvement actions.

Simulation of group dynamics in stress

Teams deliver quality when they mobilize their collective intelligence. But how do you do that when it's exciting? We have developed a simulation that allows you to look at your practical questions through the eyes of a flight crew. You experience how crew members form their opinions and bring their perspectives to bear to control a tense situation. Under pressure, we act differently than we think. Simulating reduces this distance and increases awareness of this. In addition, it offers a first opportunity to practice new behavior in a safe environment. The simulation can be followed by a debriefing and a feedback session in which we advise on improvement actions."

Lectures and workshops Permanent development

Professionals must continue to develop to practice their profession. In lectures and workshops, we discuss topics such as:

  • error management
  • creating a constructive work climate
  • the importance of a just culture
  • do's and don'ts in the learning organization
  • working on system improvement with all stakeholders
  • the interaction with supervision in system improvement