For whom are we doing this


In 2014, the Future Accountants working group developed a plan to improve the quality and independence of auditing accountants. We are involved with external accountants and identify the causes of good and poor quality. We also conduct external assessments of management and partners to determine the extent to which they promote good audits. In addition, we provide lectures, workshops, and simulations as part of the continuing education of external and internal accountants.


In hospitals, we are involved in improving collaboration, performance, and quality of specialist groups. Tensions within and between specialist groups can be caused by, among other things, a merger. In addition, we provide lectures and workshops for associations of specialists, staff management, and specialist groups as part of their continuing education, GFMS, and IFMS. We also provide a train-the-trainer program in acute care to make intergroup tensions manageable.

HRO organizations

Organizations that perform risky work and need to be extremely reliable are known as High Reliability Organizations (HROs). These include railways, chemical companies, and shipping. We also provide lectures and workshops for these organizations and their communities, such as the HRO Academy and the HUFAG.

Governance and supervision

Board members and supervisors operate at a high level, just like pilots. Good judgment also benefits from constructive dialogue so that all perspectives are on the table. Differences of opinion can also be a source of quality here if they are handled well. This is the reason for lectures and workshops for their continuing education. In supervision organizations, we think about the question of which dynamics with the field contribute to system improvement.