About us

Expert, experienced, and enjoyable to work with.

The advisers of Errone are each senior in their own field. Together they combine knowledge and insights from the practice of aviation, organizational and change management.

We carry out our projects with teams of the best-suited experts. Errone consists of a unique core team of a few pilots and organizational advisers. This core team is closely connected to a broad network of specialists, for example in the area of board evaluations, supervision, restructuring, legal expertise, and mediation.

In parallel with the execution of our projects, we do research and develop knowledge. We work together with internal researchers of clients and regularly publish about this.

The Errone core team

Dr. Eva van der Fluit CMC
Eva studied Psychology and Business Administration and has specialized as an organizational advisor for professionals. She guides them in developing strategy, organization, culture, and quality. The starting point is 'whole scale change', a change approach that activates all relevant stakeholders. In 2016, she obtained her PhD on conflict resolution in the cockpit of KLM. The result has been integrated into the curriculum of KLM pilots and she now also shares it with other professionals who want to perform well when things get exciting.

Drs. Esther Veldhuijzen van Zanten
Esther studied Organizational Psychology and has specialized as an advisor in collaboration and systemic thinking. Her starting point is that professionals become more effective by improving the quality of their relational skills. She also guides them and their leaders in change processes from the 'whole scale change' approach to achieve sustainable change. Esther publishes about her systemic approach and has recently been active with medical specialists. Mergers and disputes are often the trigger.

Capt. Geert-Jan van Teeffelen
Geert-Jan is a captain of the Airbus 330, behavior trainer, and flying instructor. As an instructor, he has specialized in Human Factors: the non-technical aspect of the pilot's profession. Geert-Jan is particularly knowledgeable about decision-making, communication, and leadership when things get exciting. Topics such as verbal and nonverbal communication, imposing and countering with relationship preservation and exercising authority in complex and uncertain situations are focus areas. Communicating at rational and emotional levels is crucial.

Capt. Herman Hello
Herman is a captain of the Boeing 777/787 and flying instructor. In addition to regular flying, he has held various management positions at KLM for 20 years. In the past, he was responsible for the training of all KLM pilots and cabin crew, manager of the 747 division, and member of the management team of the Flight Service. Herman has been advising external parties who want to "project the lessons learned" from the practice of safe flying to their sector for more than 10 years. He brings his experience in training, coaching and guiding pilots and their teams to improve their performance in complex and demanding situations.